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WSL Commissioner’s Report
2013-14 Wrap-Up
Congratulations, Major Division winner Milwaukee Sport Club and First Division champions North Shore United.  It was the second consecutive championship for MSC and their esteemed coach, Dave ‘The Silver-Haired Fox’ Scherer.  NSU won the title in their first season in the WSL and will be competing in the Major Division in 2014-15.  

The Croatian Eagles placed second in the Major Division after winning the regular season title.  They also made another trip to the Amateur Cup National Final Four. Alex Toth coaches the Eagles, and has since 1946.  

Azteca United, headed by Rodrigo Monico-Barros and Emer Martinez took second in the First Division.  I asked Emer how the party was after their overtime defeat of the Milwaukee Kickers in the semi-finals, “No big deal,” he said, “We didn’t win the championship yet.” You gotta love that attitude!  Hopefully, the team had a well-deserved party celebrating a great playoff run and season.
Upper 90 Sports Pub, led by Jake Dehne, won the First Division regular season title. Jake and Upper 90 hosted post-finals parties. Good stuff Jake! If you want an authentic Milwaukee soccer experience with knowledgeable soccer people, there is no place better than Upper 90.

Thanks to everyone for a great 2013-14!  
Rest in Peace Brett
The Wisconsin soccer community lost a tremendous talent and kind soul in July of 2014 – Brett Wiesner.  We dedicated the 2013-14 playoffs to Brett who died in July 2014 at 31 years of age.  A Brookfield Soccer prodigy, Brett was turning heads and spinning defenders with his clever play and stunning quickness since he was a child.  He played at the University of Washington, with the Seattle Sounders (USL), the U20 US National Team, the Milwaukee Wave and lastly, with North Shore United.  Brett’s legacy, though, is not exclusive to the field.  We remember Brett for his good nature and friendly demeanor.  Oddly, and deservedly, even his opponents liked him.  Rest in Peace Brett.  
2014-15 Season

As commissioner, I make no predictions except that there will be no fights in 2014-15 and President Vidakovich will testify endlessly about world politics. If there is a fight, a club may pay a fine. For more info on fines, read below.  
I recently took flak from our beloved President Milan Vidakovich about the lack of WSL funds.  
“How is that my fault?” I responded.  
“You stopped fining for yellow and red cards you idiot!”
“Yellow cards are a part of the game and so our red cards.  They’re not felonies – most of the time.”
“Can you, at the very least, fine the club if a felony is committed?”
“Yeah, that’s sounds about right.  Felonies will lead to fines.”
“You’re such a softy Harry!”
“If it makes you happy Milan we’ll still fine clubs for not playing or showing up for games. We’ll also charge a fee if clubs change their game time.”
“Now that’s what I’m talking about my Irish friend.  Without games, we don’t have a league.  Without a league I have nothing to do except make sljivovic.”
“Exactly, and the world doesn’t need more sljivovic.”
Here’s to a great 2014-15 campaign!
Yours in Soccer,
Rob Harrington

2014/2015 State League Schedules
Schedules are set for the Fall 2014 Men's Majors and First Division Leagues. League play beings Sunday, September 7. Schedules, Scores & Standings>>

2013/2014 WSL Major and First Division Champions Crowned

One of Wisconsin Soccer League’s newest additions, North Shore United earned their first league title with a 4-1 victory over Azteca United FC in Saturday’s First Division Championship match. North Shore will move on the Major league beginning this fall.

In the Major Division Milwaukee Sport Club was victorious over Croatian Eagles Soccer Club with a 2-1 win for the division title. This makes it back to back Major Division Championships for Milwaukee Sport Club.

Congratulations to all finalists on a successful season and especially to this year’s playoff champions!

NSU 1D Champs1314
North Shore United First Division Champions

MSC MD Champs1314
Milwaukee Sport Club Major Division Champion