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WSL has been carefully monitoring information from the federal, state, and local regulators as well as US Soccer and US ASA direction during this challenging situation. Everyone wants to play, not only WI, but across the US and the world. WSL is committed to safely open soccer leagues for play in WI at the earliest point that we can get necessary clearances.

With information factored from all necessary regulating bodies, as of today, it looks as if we may have a clearer direction on the earliest opening of the season by the end if this coming week.

The two main factors for opening the Spring WSL season play:

1. Government- State of WI Governor Evers and State Legislators making a decision on the date that allows our League play to open, and in consideration with any local government restrictions that are or may be imposed.

2. Clearance from US Soccer and US ASA. US ASA has a meeting this week that I will participate in, where we hope to receive have a solid definition of when we can open for play; which will likely be based on each State's government's orders.

The easy explanation for where WSL decision making is at for now, is as soon as both the State of WI and your respective local government bodies in your area say its clear to play, WSL will open play. At this point, it appears the week following Memorial day weekend may be when we can open WSL play. Of course, if the State of WI moves the date for recreational gatherings to an earlier date, or later date, we will strive to be as flexible as possible with the situation in this very fluid period in time.

League Administrators- What you can do in the meantime:

1. Communicate to teams and players. Inform them of the current situation and status of play; all that is possible will be done on the WSL end to open League play at the earliest opportunity. At this time, we remain hopeful, and not planning for any League cancellation, but a delay in opening date of the season.

2. Scheduling for Leagues that will be doing their own schedule- As you are ready, begin tentatively scheduling matches for after Memorial Day, and for now, plan for that as the earliest start date, until we receive definite information. It is inevitable that some leagues may play into August. Season start and end dates can always be adjusted if the Memorial Day start is pushed earlier or later. Because consideration must be made for referee schedules, field availability, and college players returning to school, we understand the challenge here, and will do all necessary to start the season as soon possible.

3. Please email admin@wisoccerleagues.com with any questions. With several thousand adult players in WI, it is a challenge to address all requests by texts and calls, and by email, we have all correspondence saved in one place. Of course, we will field calls when necessary.

4. MKE Men's Premier League Teams- WSL will tentatively move the schedule to that week following Memorial Day, and send out revised schedule for review.

5. MKE Premier Women's League- WSL has four teams that have committed to play this summer. All other team teams that would like to play, and have not committed as of yet, please let us know by Thursday of this coming week, so we can begin creating the tentative schedule, and set up registration.

6. League Registration- If you plan to operate your League this Spring, we suggest registering your players , and if for some reason your League choses not to play this season, full refunds will be issued. For a shortened season, registration fees will not be returned or prorated.

Watch for an update early the week of April 29th, which will hopefully bring more clarity to the launch date(s) for WSL League play.

All the best for your safety, and stay tuned for further, and hopefully more definitive information in about a week.